Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Crochety Rabbit

This week has been mainly taken up with crochety things. No, not crotchety - I'm not getting irritable in my old age! Crochety, as in the age-old hand-craft of crochet. Making things from yarn using a hook and one's hands. I find it relaxing and therapeutic, sat listening to a radio drama, whilst my fingers twist and hook the yarn to make shapes, which in time become garments or accessories.

This week I have been making crochet flower brooches, after a friend in Poland asked me about them. Late last year I'd made some hats which had a flower attached, so thought it would be fun to use the flower as a brooch design. They work well, so I now have a Quality Street tin (yes I know it should be a Roses tin but...!) containing pink, lime green and lavender roses (so far, more colours to follow!)  Making each one different has been fun too, some just one colour, others bi-coloured, some with a bead centre, and others with an attached leaf.

They look super on a lapel, a hat, or attached to a bag. They could also be stitched onto a blanket to make a flowery detail...  I can sense another design coming on!

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