Sunday, 9 August 2015

Do you feel the other political parties don't represent you?

Or are you a lapsed and disillusioned Labour supporter?  

If either is the case, and you want to support a movement to bring politics back to the people then why not support Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for Leadership of the Labour Party?  Jeremy has been speaking to packed venues throughout the country over the past 6 weeks or so. 

His message is simple: austerity does not work, people deserve better, we can make a difference.  If you agree with him then why not join the campaign for Jeremy for Leader?  If you are on Facebook you can join the support group I'm backing Jeremy Corbyn or follow / support the campaign on Twitter

Simply follow this link to sign up as a supporter of the Labour Party
or here to join as a full member

Being a supporter will cost you just  £3 (minimum - you can pay more if you want). That's less than the cost of a high street coffee in most places!  Full membership rates vary depending on age, and whether or not you are working, retuired, unwaged, etc...  

Being either a supporter or a full member will give you a vote in the leadership & deputy leadership elections, and for London Mayor Labour candidate if you live in London. But you must sign up before 12 noon on Wednesday 12th August to ensure you have a vote.

If you care about this country and want to help make a difference, then it makes sense to add your voice to the 140,000+ supporters who have joined Labour since the leadership campaign began.

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