Thursday 27 December 2012

Fancy a dirty weekend? :)

No, it's not an invitation to an orgy! Dirty weekends involve navvies, canals and (usually) mud... lots of it! This is all about my new book -  it's the story of the years I spent travelling up and down the country in the back of a Transit van, with a team of mad navvies (volunteer canal restorers). I went along to cook for them, so it's stories from the camps I cooked on, along with some of the recipes I used.

If you like canals or cooking, and enjoy a giggle, then fancy a dirty weekend? is the book for you.

Join me as I cook my way round the waterways of England, feeding a horde of hungry navvies in some of the oddest kitchens you could imagine. Some have a cooker... some have two... but only bits of them work; some have heating... some don't... and it's minus 6 degrees outside! Pack your earplugs as everyone snores; someone sleepwalks... and the accommodation is next to a canal basin... lock the doors and hide the van keys! There's never a dull moment on canal camps, and the navvies themselves could never be described as dull!

fancy a dirty weekend? the travels of a navvies' cook, by Anne Nichols, is available from Amazon for Kindle. In the words of one reader, it's a "delightfully funny book" and "a thoroughly entertaining read" - why not give your chuckle muscles some exercise and join me in the navvies' kitchen?

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Why a blog?

Well why? Or perhaps, why not?  I like writing, and a blog seems like a good way to let me ramble on about the literary, arty and crafty aspects of my life. I decided to include all my interests in the one blog, as I'm not organised enough to do one for each interest! So, I hope you'll join me as I chat about my books, plays, painting, crochet, knitting, and a myriad of other craft-related stuff. :)