Monday 25 March 2013

Photographing a Templar... ?

My book of poems and photographs is almost complete... in fact I just need one more photo and it's done. The problem is that the photo I need is of a Knight Templar, and there are very few of them to be found in the 21st Century, so I'm having to apply some creative thought as to how to solve that problem!

A Butterfly Mind is a collection of my poems, accompanied by photos taken by me or my partner (BJ Morgan), and will be published shortly... when the Knight Templar photo issue has been resolved!

Sunday 3 March 2013

Giving him a helping hand!

For some time my partner has been "thinking about" having a website to promote his writing, but as this has not happened, I decided to help him along by creating him a site. He seems to like it - in fact he spent several hours playing with it yesterday, so I'm hoping he may be fired with enthusiasm by it. The hardest part about publishing titles on our own imprint is the marketing and promoting side, and we as authors and publishers have to do it all ourselves, so with a little luck his new website will help promote his book Moonbeams!

If you'd like to pop over and see it, and perhaps drop him a line to say hello, I'm sure he'd be thrilled. Even more so if you have read his book and would like to send him some feedback about it, or write a review. You'll find the website here: BJ Morgan [author]