Thursday 1 January 2015

Where did the year go?!

I am shocked to realise that it iis more than a year since I posted anything here, but there was a good reason for that. I have been caring for my mother, who came to live with us just over a year ago, and who seems to have taken up all my time. Now she has moved on (to a care home, in case anyone thought the worst!) I can catch up on the backlog of things which have built up. All things which, although important to me, were not as important as providing care and companionship for my old mum.

It's taken a bit of getting used to, not having her here, and having the time to do things that I've not done for so long. It is all a bit overwhelming, so many things to do, where do I start? So I admit to a bit of a cop-out, in that rather than jump straight into the backlog, I decided to carry on and complete the project I had started before she left us. This was a dragon, of which I will tell you more in my next post! .